What equipment does “Blues” use?

For the videos the following equipment was used:
• Gibson Les Paul Standard Guitar
• WCR Crossroads (PAF) pickups
• Metropoulos GPM-45 amp (an authentic replica of a 1965 Marshall JTM-45) (Click Here)
• Celestion Vintage 30 speaker loaded into a Grendel Sound Deadroom isolation cabinet
• A Sennheiser E609 microphone to capture the sound of the guitar and route it to the mixing board

Other equipment that Blues uses from time to time includes the following:

• Fender Stratocaster
• Fender Telecaster
• WCR Fillmore pickups (for humbucking style guitars)
• Barden Pickups (for single-coil style guitars)
• Vox Tonelab LE pedal
• Celestion Gold Speakers
• Celestion G12H Speakers
• Tone Tubby Red Alnico Speakers